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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot Indian Actress Asha Saini Biography And Hot Pictures

ASHA SAINI Biography :

For this ever-laughing girl, work is important in life than sitting idle at home. Asha Saini has acted in numerous Telugu films and has a good number of loyal admirers is South India. ” When I was doing my graduation in Calcutta, I used to participate in beauty contests and once I was declared as Miss Calcutta. I was also involved in modeling. My father sent me to Mumbai to learn acting as he found me interested in the glamour world. Namita trained me and during my training, I met Mr. Veer Shankar. He introduced me in his film Prema Kosam . And then came my next movie E.V.V.’s Chaalabagundi , and then my journey in Telugu movies began. My father works in the military. And he values my ideas. He has not seen my movies till now, yet he is encouraging me in pursuing my cine career. And my mother is my life. She leaves all her work and is always with me. Without my parent’s encouragement and cooperation, I could not have been in movies.

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